The Uniqueness of Alaçatı

History of Alaçatı dates back to ancient ages. First information regarding Alaçatı, known with the name “Agrilia” in the Ancient Age, first appears around1300s. Hosted many nations as it was an old settlement, this place was used a staging area in the 16th century due to its location in the vicinity of Çeşme port, which was a trade gate. Alaçatı, mentioned as infantry and cavalry village in the official papers, takes its name from “Alacaat Tribe.”

As Çeşme was a more important center, Alaçatı’s south regions had stayed as marsh area until 1850s, but upon instruction of the Grand Vizier, it became a more habitable region gradually thanks to development efforts. And, by the help of the roads opened, the port in the south became accessible.

Some historic places of Alaçatı, especially houses were built by local Greeks. Had lived together for centuries, two nations Anatolian Greeks and Turks also lived together in Alaçatı’, and they shaped the culture of this region. In this region, including Çeşme, Köste, Çiftlik, Ovacık, 45,000 people were living in 19th century. 40 thousand of them were Anatolian Greeks while 5 thousand of them were Turks.

Even though its unsteady history, Alaçatı is one of the top names in the most popular towns of Aegean Sea Region list today. Do not neglect to add historic places of Alaçatı to your places to visit list. Maybe, Alaçatı’s winds also drive you away to the past with the windmills…

Some places having traces of history of Alaçatı are;-

  • Alaçatı Square
  • Alaçatı Windmills
  • Hacı Memiş Ağa Mosque
  • Dutlu Café

Alaçatı is also in the vicinity of some other beautiful places such as Çeşme, Ilıca, Şifne, Çiftlikköy, Dalyan. If you have time, you can also visit these places, and review the history of these living places which affected each other’s history with interaction.


Being the most favorite holiday place in Çeşme in recent years, Alaçatı is a cute place next to Aegean Sea.

Even though sea season is short in Alaçatı, it becomes crowded and it is difficult to find room in hotels of the region. If also your wish is to see Alaçatı while it is dancing with the wind, and leave all your tiredness to the cool waters, we are sure you’ll have fun.

Most of Alaçatı beaches are public, but some coasts are beach clubs. Number of beach clubs in Alaçatı is rather high when compared with the smallness of this region. All beach clubs provide beach chair, towel, sun umbrella and food services. A fee is paid for entrance to Alaçatı beaches, and time passes quickly.

In Alaçatı beaches, besides swimming, also you can enjoy with activities such as kitesurf, windsurf, etc. We wish you a joyful holiday in Alaçatı beaches going with a swing during whole season.

If night life is a significant part of your holiday, you may also prefer Alaçatı Beach Clubs.


Even though it is a small town in Izmir-Çeşme, Alaçatı is a place where tourists rush in summer season. Besides domestic tourists, also foreign tourists show intense interest.

During your times in Alaçatı, the traditional houses in the region will be appreciated by you. Generally built from ashlar cut stones, Alaçatı houses keep cool in summers and warm in winters. Traditional Alaçatı houses were constructed by Anatolian Greeks, and they are restored authentically today.


Strolling around in Alaçatı between its stone houses smelling history and in company of the enthusiastic texture of this place is beyond comparison.

While enjoying your vacation to repletion among its sincere people, environment and fancy buildings, we are sure you’ll also think of strolling around the town’s square.

Suddenly you feel lavender fragrance while passing the Alaçatı Square, and you become permeated with this odor. While walking around, you feel need for resting. Then, small but cute café and tea houses located around the square will welcome you. Living ambience of Alaçatı is a unique experience. The ones visited here know. While living this experience, you will also be enraptured with this friendly region connected to district of Çeşme in Izmir.


Alaçatı hosts a variety of events for 12 months. The first one of these activities and the most famous of the herb festival takes place in April. It is possible to come across many Aegean herbs and even taste the olive oil. Besides, you can attend to various competitions, and you can also participate in workshops organized by chefs in hotels and restaurants.

Tasting Alaçatı is following the Herb Festival and there are many activities ranging from art to music and various food conversations. For the workshops you want to attend in advance, you need to make a reservation. These activities; Reisdere International Kite Festival in May, Fish Tournaments and Alaçatı Art Week are followed in September and October.